In spite of the applause which greeted the promulgation of the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law 2017 in Benue State which restricts livestock grazing to prevent further killing of Benue peasant farmers by Fulani herdsmen, the National Leader of APC Fulani Nationwide, Alhaji Garus Gololo has stated that the herdsmen would return in droves with their cows in 2019 if Hon. Emmanuel Jime, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC wins his election in the state.

Gololo who is an APC stalwart in the state described Jime as a better candidate compared to the incumbent governor who is seeking re-election after dumping APC for PDP.
He commended the leadership of APC in the State for giving the governorship ticket to Jime, describing it as a “right choice” .

Gololo said members of the group would join hands with other relevant stakeholders in the party to support and vote Jime into office since he is ready to accommodate all Fulanis and their cows and make them part of the new government in the state.

In his words: “We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that Jime win the 2019 governorship election in state. In 2015, we Fulanis in Benue supported governor Ortom and he won but thereafter, he decided to chase us away using security personnel and his so called anti open grazing law.

Infact, we are supporting Emmanuel Jime 100℅ openly”.
“Let me tell you that Jime is the right candidate to win Benue Governorship election 2019. You remember even in 2015 he was the best candidate but Jime was humiliated just because they brought Ortom after Ortom lost election in PDP.

“So, now that the party has brought Jime back as a candidate, we are going to vote him and work with him because l know that he would emerge victorious at the end of the day and no Fulani herdsmen would be chased out of Benue like what the incumbent governor has done”, Gololo stated.

He warned all those speculating that Jime is not with President Buhari and Leader of APC in the state, Senator Akume to desist from doing so, stressing that both have a long standing relationship.
“Jime is truly a Buhari man and nothing can separate him from being close to Buhari, therefore those who think Jime is not with Buhari are just talking about what they don’t know.

However, Jime, reacting through Hon. Sontor Solomon, secretary of his campaign organization, said his endorsement was a smear campaign spearheaded by Governor Ortom under whom Gololo served as senior special assistant on Fulani matters
“We understand the panic mode Jime’s emergence has thrown Governor Ortom into; and we also understand that Jime has given the PDP a nervous breakdown. And in that condition, anything irrational is possible, with the Ortom entourage not bothering about limits.

“However, to suddenly donate Ortom’s prized adviser, Mr. Galolo, to the APC guber candidate as well as manufacture a phantom group, and to purport same to identify with him (Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Jime), with Galolo heading it, is the height of morbid politics,” Solomon said.
Reacting to the development, President, Benue Youth Forum, Terrence Kuanum expressed disappointment that Jime was blaming Ortom for Gololo’s utterances.

“This is a political narrative that has to do with defending our land. We expected Jime to distance himself from Gololo endorsement and even threaten to sue him.
“The issue is complex. We expect the APC to sell their candidate and not aligning with our aggressors. We warn them not to provoke our people further as there are still over 200,000 internally displaced persons in camps unattended to. Fulani people should not endorse our people”, Kuanum said.

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