Dear Nigerians,

Finally, we have reached the eve of the rescheduled first round of this year’s general elections.

Tomorrow, the polls open. Tomorrow, we affirm that Nigeria stands as a
democracy and that no worldly hand can deter us from this wise and
fitting path we have chosen for ourselves.

While democracy is the
most beneficial way to select a nation’s leaders, it is far from the
easiest thing to achieve and maintain.

It requires a combination
of patience, tolerance, compassion, diligence, wisdom and hope. These
traits exist in us the Nigerian people. Because of who we are, democracy
has the chance to flourish in this land.

Thus, I commend all of
you for your patience and peaceful conduct so far during this electoral
season and especially during this intervening week following the
postponement of the February 16 elections.

Many were worried and
thought the worst might happen. You proved them wrong by showing that
you are a great people with an abiding love for peace, democracy and the
unity of our country.

According to the daily INEC public
briefings given this week, the Electoral Commission says it is ready and
fully prepared to conduct the election in a free, fair and transparent

I believe INEC realises the profound and weighty duty that rests upon it.

We must cast aside doubt and have faith that INEC will rise to the
occasion. We must believe and encourage INEC to fulfill and honour this
responsibility it owes to our country.

As your President, I
hereby ask all Nigerians with voting cards to participate in defining
the future of our nation by exercising your democratic rights tomorrow. I
urge you to go out and vote.

I say this because elections are
the cornerstone of representative governance. And voting constitutes the
highest and best expression of the sovereign will of the people to
choose the government that best represents them.

It is only upon
the freely expressed will of the people that government truly dedicated
to the welfare, rights and interests of the people can be founded.

Do not allow anyone to discourage you from the exercise of your rights as citizens and voters tomorrow.

To vote means that you believe in Nigeria and the excellent things the future holds for this nation and its people.

No matter our political leanings, we all believe in Nigeria, in the
noble principles for which it stands and in the values we strive for our
beloved nation to uphold.

All who are able, must vote so that we may better perfect this democracy and continue to build the greater nation we seek.

Do not be afraid of rumours of violence and unrest. Our security
agencies have worked diligently to ensure that adequate security
measures are in place.

You will be able to vote in an atmosphere of openness and peace, devoid of fear from threat or intimidation.

International and domestic monitors and observers are assured of their
safety and freedom of movement needed to perform their important

As we thank domestic monitors and observers for their
contributions to our democracy, we also thank the international groups
for the friendship and concern they have demonstrated to our nation.

We appreciate their efforts in encouraging us to further entrench and strengthen our democracy.

Tomorrow is an encounter with history in which you, the people, shall
affirm your collective belief in our national greatness and in our

I ask that you embrace and hold on to the importance of the moment soon to be upon us.

Honour your civic duty as voters by going to the polls tomorrow to vote
for the government of your choice, for the government that will lead
Nigeria toward its finest destiny.

As citizens there is no
greater duty than this and no greater honour. Tomorrow, I know you will
once again make Nigeria proud of its people.

May God bless our democracy and forever bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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