Some masquerades have been caught on camera flogging each other during a flogging competition to see who is stronger.

The masquerades flogging each other

A video has emerged online showing the very dramatic moment some
masquerades were caught on camera beating themselves in Anambra state.
The incident reportedly happened during a 'flogging contest' held
in Abagana, Anambra state and it was to see which of the masquerades is
The video was shared on Facebook by BBC Pidgin and has since gone
viral as viewers find the footage quite amusing. In the video, the
masquerades are seen flogging each other very hard with the intention of
forcing the other into accepting defeat.
In their cation, the BBC Pidgin explained that the video was shot
during a 'flogging contest' and then asked viewers to decide which
masquerade won-the competition,
Watch the video below:

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