A person can have a profound influence in the society, and
yet receive inadequate publicity; such is Dame Pauline Tallen who has
positively influenced not only her immediate community but beyond the boundaries
of Nigeria.

To the former deputy Governorof Plateau State, the good Lord
has been kind to her as she consistently strive to express her belief as a
Christian through fervent prayers to the almighty God which has accordingly
kept her upright and dutiful. She believes that God has given women some
special grace to undertake multiple tasks as wife, mother, grandmother and
public servant.

One of the great originals of Nigerian women, DameTallen rose
through the roughshod of the male dominated Nigerian Political space to become
the first female deputy Governor in North Central Nigeria – and after that
historical feat, no other female politician ever achieved that enviable height.

Posers on numerousplatforms had been skeptical about how the
Plateau born princess wriggled her way topolitical prominence in Nigeria; but
the ever reverberating answer from her close associates tends to illustrate how
she combined her innate qualities of candor, uncommon energy and positive
imagination to become one of Nigeria’s best mothers, motivator, counselor and
mobilizer. She is indeed an iconic reference in the Nigerian political circle.

As a director of women mobilization in the President Muhammadu
Buhari campaign organization, “Mummy Tallen”, as she is fondly called was able
to build, conquer all politically motivated challenges, reform some of the
outlandish political strategies as it relates to women participation in politics,
and organized the women Nationwide towards the 2019 general elections.

Significantly, what makes the astute politician uniquely
fascinating is her brilliantintellect and the insight one has into it through
her political journey and service to humanity.

Her nomination as a minister by the Buhari led Federal
Government can best be described as one of the most tactical move by the
present administration towards putting Nigeria on the right path. The
excitement that greeted her nomination and the subsequent screening by the
senate was exceptional as admirers across the country continue to pourencomiums
on this quality personality.

From her pedigree, it is obvious that Dame Pauline Tallen is a
combination of a strong willed personality with independent mindset and an
uncommon ability to mobilize towards projecting government policies as well as
providing good governance.

Her oratory and administrative skills will in no small
measure reinvigorate the Nigerian Civil Service, and this will certainly
distinguish the celebrated icon from her peers as a dynamic strategist and
political gladiator. Unarguably, the potentials she brought to bear as director
of women mobilization in the Buhari campaign organization coupled with her
exploit while serving as the deputy Governor of Plateau State will certainly
provide a rallying point for other members of the Federal Cabinet who may want
to draw from her wealth of experience.

A philanthropist whose benevolence to mankind has earned her
accolades from renowned international bodies and institutions, Dame Tallen stands tall in the hall of fame. Driven by the desire to
touch the lives of children and young adults, the astute politician has over
the years contributed enormously to the initiation and successes recorded by a
good number of non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that has direct bearing
to human resource development and empowerment.

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