In view of the escalating Violent Extreminism in the North Central , Women Environment Programme WEP , An International based  Non-Governmental organization has this,Thursday 1/08/2019 launched the Project : " Connecting Women and Youth in Violent Extremist Prone Areas Through Empowerment And Skills  Acquisition in Benue State".

The Project seeks to achieve strengthened resilience to prevent violent extremism in areas of intervention in particular and Benue State in General. The proposed Project would address lack of purpose, poverty, lack of opportunities, and the attraction of perceived improvement of status and power-gain by joining violent extremism groups which are major drivers of violent extremismin the target locations. this the Organizers say can be done through empowerment and Skills acquisition.

Speaking at the official Project launch and Inception meeting,  Organised for traditional rulers, Federal and state legislators, Executive, Judiciary, Security agencies and the Mass Media. The Team leader of WEP, Mr. Cliff Gai stated that they intend to work with young women/men, local religious teachers, traditional and administrative leaders to streghten community systems and structures that support resistance and radicalization to violent extremism, enhance livelihood opportunities to reduce individual vulnerability and increase self- confidence and  worth among vulnerable youth in the target  communities.

The target local Goverments for the projects includes: Guma, Ado, Kwande, Buruku, Agatu and Logo. Beneficiarie's  capacity would be strengthened to enable them come up with self discerned, community driven Initiatives to help them mobilize,organize and represent thier Interest  and actively engage with authorities on issues to them.

It was stated that $1250,000 was set aside by the donors for this particular programme and partners of the Project are Angel Support Foundation (ASF) and Foundation for Justice, Development and Peace (FJPD).

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